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Rexburg PD teaches rape defense

Rexburg PD teaches rape defense

REXBURG, Idaho - The Rexburg Police Department is helping women protect themselves from being assaulted through a program called the Rape Aggression Defense System.

The class is offered for $10 to females 12 and older. The department suggests mothers take the typically three-week course.

Anglea Yancey and her daughter Shelby just completed the course.

"My daughter was coming into dating age, and I thought this would be a perfect class to have her do," said Angela.

Shelby, a sophomore in high school, said she walked away with a lot of confidence.

"I'm really secure with myself now, and I know that if anything were to happen to me I can defend myself and others," said Shelby.

Stacy Chalmers, an instructor, said most girls have never kicked or hit anybody before.

"They start off very shy almost and not sure what to do," said Chalmers.

Douglas Boivie, another instructor, wears a padded "aggressor suit," for the students to hit.

"We teach the to punch the right way, we teach them how to get out of choke holds, and what to do if someone knocks them on the ground and jumps on them," said Boivie.

But how often do assaults really happen in Rexburg?

"People who live in Rexburg, we tend to think, 'Oh we're safe, you know, everything's going to be OK,' but things do happen," said Shelby.

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