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Rexburg Walmart to develop remote area

Rexburg Walmart to develop remote area

REXBURG, Idaho - Walmart is making major moves in Rexburg, but not before they meet city requirements.

Rexburg City Council members worked with local property owners to turn Walmart's proposed building ground into commercial property. But there are several factors that the city and the store have to take into consideration before they get the ball rolling. They have to first go through Public Works Director John Millar.

"We do a development agreement, which is a binding legal document, that sets forth what their required to do to build a store at that location," he said.

Basically Walmart has to make sure their site in Rexburg is ready to handle all that comes with a store of its size. Which involves more than a big parking lot and basket returns.

"As your well aware, they are a huge traffic generator," said Millar.

Traffic is the least of the Super Center's concerns, especially since the intersection of E. Moody Road and N. Second St. E., where Walmart plans to build, isn't fully developed.

"The developments entail road widening, extending water, waste water facilities, traffic control, how much parking the business will need," said Millar.

Although these developments need to be funded, the city wants to make sure taxpayers aren't holding the bill.

"One of the policies we have is that when any developer comes in and we extend utilities to a facility, we require the developer to cover any cost to develop his property," said Millar.

In a small business capital you would think these stipulations would come with small business backlash, but Millar said property owners were singing a different tune.

"People I've visited with throughout the community are really interested in more opportunities for shopping in Rexburg," he said. 

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