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Rexburg will make improvements to drainage, lift station

Rexburg will make improvements to drainage, lift station

REXBURG, Idaho - The city of Rexburg is already moving forward with some of the recommendations put forward by its flood task force.

The task force was assembled two weeks ago in response to complaints from homeowners about the city's role in their homes being flooded with water and sewage during last month's flash flooding.

Rexburg city leaders say they plan to raise electrical equipment and fix access door gaskets on the lift station in the Ricks-Palmer subdivision.

At a later date, they'll be looking at getting a new lift station with stand-by power.

The city also plans to buy and improve a drainage ditch in the Hidden Valley subdivision.

"The ditch is a big issue for Hidden Valley, and so along with acquiring the ditch we'll work on some retention pond work where we can regulate the flow of water so it's just not all coming at once," said Rexburg City Clerk Blair Kay.

At some point in the future, the city also plans to construct additional storm basins above Hidden Valley.

Kay said these and other improvements are estimated to cost between $500,000 and $1 million.

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