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Rocky Mountain Power encourages energy efficiency

Rocky Mountain Power encourages energy efficiency

Rocky Mountain Power met with its most valued customers Wednesday to talk about their plans in Eastern Idaho.

The company hasn't held this sort of conference since massive power outages in December. The company was conducting routine maintenance at the time. The company has since finished up improvements to their Goshen substation and were able to finish them without any problems.

With those improvements and new conservation programs, Rocky Mountain Power believes it can not only keep rates low, but maintain more reliable service.

"We think we resolved the problem and we're glad we were able to fix it without the power going out again," said the company's spokesman, Paul Murphy. "Our concerns are our customers concerns. We want to make sure the costs are down and their service is reliable."

Rocky Mountain Power said in addition to substation improvements, energy efficiency plays a big factor in power reliability. Many of their valued customers, like Basic American Foods, have already jumped on the bandwagon to energy conservation.

"Rocky Mountain Power has been a great energy provider for us," said BAF Engineering Manager Brent Turner. "Our company likes to use energy projects to save dollars like any other company that produces goods."

BAF was elected as the power company's Wattsmart Business Partner of the Year in Idaho for its commitment to energy efficiency. BAF reduced its energy consumption by 10 percent or 3.3 kilowatt hours less each year.

Rocky Mountain Power said as more companies strive to be more energy-efficient, the more reliable energy for their customers will become.

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