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Romney endorses Idaho candidates

Romney visited Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney was in Idaho Falls Wednesday night at a rally to support local republican candidates.

Romney was given a warm welcome at Riverbend Ranch. He urged voters to keep Governor Butch Otter, Senator Jim Risch, and Congressman Mike Simpson in office.

He discounted criticism that the candidates may not be conservative enough.

"We have a big enough tent to make sure we have over half the people of America so we can go to Washington and actually lead - go to Washington and get this country on track again, because this is not just about making a statement or fighting the good fight and losing - this is about fighting and winning, and I want to make sure we elect people who can win, and Jim Risch and Mike Simpson and Butch Otter supported me and I'm supporting them to make sure we get this country on track," Romney said.

Romney also commented on the situation in Ukraine.

"I'm very concerned about the president's foreign policy," Romney said. "I think he's waited too long in some cases to take advantage of the opportunities presented him - when you see from the very beginning that some things may develop in a manner that's not beneficial for America, you need to step in and try to shape events in a way that's more advantageous to us. Obviously what's happening in Crimea is of great concern not only to Americans but to people all over the world."

When asked if he is considering making any announcements about running again, Romney said no.

"No announcements whatsoever, I'm not running," Romney said. "I'm here to support good people who are running and that's what I'm going to be doing over this year."

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