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Scam targets Verizon customers

BOISE, Idaho - The Better Business Bureau is warning people about a scam targeting Verizon customers.

People in the Snake River region have been getting calls from a call center at number (800) 922-2222 pretending to be owned by cellular service provider. The scammers say their victims have been selected to receive a bonus certificate for being excellent Verizon customers. The victims are then referred to a website, in which they are to input their information.

The websites were and The spoof sites would take victims to

"This is a scam," said Verizon spokesman Bob Kelley in a BBB news release Monday. "Verizon is not offering any rebates in the region."

It appears these sites have been deactivated.

Kelley said that if you get something that looks suspicious, you should independently go to or call customer service at *611.

"Don't go through the reply link," said Kelley.

BBB said the scammers had tried to dupe customers in the Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Treasure Valley and Jackson, Wyo., areas.

BBB is warning people not to give out personal or financial information in any website, email or phone call. Always go to the source on your own when looking for products or services -- never use the link that is sent to you.

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