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Scammer threatens victims with arrest

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho - The Bonneville County Sheriff's Office is warning about a scam in which the caller threatens the potential victim with arrest.

Authorities said Bonneville County courts got six separate calls Thursday regarding the scam.

The scammer calls from a toll-free 855 number and claims to have a warrant for the intended victim's arrest. UPDATE: Since this story was posted, viewers have told Local News 8 they have gotten this call from other area codes as well.

The crook says the person answering the phone can avoid going to jail by paying a fine and then asks for credit card information.

The sheriff's office is urging people not to give financial information or send money to people they do not know.

"If you have a warrant, a law enforcement officer will introduce themselves to you and let you know a warrant has been issued. You can post a bond at the jail or courthouse," the sheriff's office said in a statement. "We will not call you and ask for payment information over the phone."

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