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Scammers target animal lovers searching for pets

Scams target animal lovers searching for pets

BLACKFOOT, Idaho - A new scam is preying on animal lovers.

The Better Business Bureau of Idaho said scammers are now taking advantage people looking to add a furry member to the family. 

When it comes to our pets, it's hard not to think with our hearts.

For Shelli Ajeti and her family in Twin Falls, looking for an English Bulldog puppy was quite the roller coaster. 

Searching through website and classified ads, the Ajeti family responded to three listings, only to be disappointed when they discovered it was a scam. 

"They would either disappear and not talk to us, or they would text us or email us constantly, trying to get us to purchase a dog from them," said Ajeti.

That's when the family came across an ad by Destiny Saenz from Blackfoot. 

"Her ad was super short, it included just her first name and where she was at," said Ajeti. "I don't know, I honestly think it was meant to be."

Destiny started with 10 puppies for sale, but was down to two when the Ajetis visited. 

"I would go locally and if they're too good to be true, then it's a scam, most likely," said Destiny. 

Destiny said there are multiple things to consider when searching for a pet:

Keep a look out of unreasonably low prices, be cautious of sellers that only accept wire transfers, avoid sellers unwilling to provide contact information and walk away from transactions that seem suspicious.

"If they don't ask you questions about the animal and they're just more about your address, your phone number, sending money, it's such a scam," said Saenz.
Patience pays off for those looking to buy a pet. 

The Ajeti family now has a male American Bulldog puppy they've named Bandit.

To find out proper rates for all breeds, visit

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