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Sears Portraits Studio closes; local customers worried

Sears Portraits Studio closes; local customers worried

RIGBY, Idaho - Customers of a photography studio are waiting for pictures that may never come. 

Sears Portrait Studios across the country recently went out of business and a Rigby woman says she was one of the lucky few to actually get her photos. 

"There's no number to call to talk to anybody...there's no answers," said Jade Johnson, a customer. 

Jade took her children into Sears Portrait Studio weeks ago for a photo session and says getting the pictures she paid for was a nightmare after learning the studio went out of business just days after her session. 

"A couple of days later, I went in and got the pictures," said Johnson. "There was no one there, they had it all boarded up."

Sears issued a statement saying they were notified last week that CPI, the company who owns Sears Portrait Studios, is ceasing its U.S. operations across the country immediately; and that they are "working with CPI to help ensure that it fulfills its outstanding orders and provides ordered pictures to our Members and customers."

"People aren't getting their refunds as well," said Johnson. "There's no one to talk to, so it's frustrating. I feel bad for those people, but I'm one of the fortunate ones. I did get my pictures." 

But as for the promised picture CD with digital copies and her online account? Jade says she never got them. She was hoping to send those online photos to her husband, who's working on the east coast. 

"He hasn't even been able to see this little guy yet and he hasn't seen our family in 3 or 4 months, so he was looking forward to seeing those pictures online," said Johnson.

Sears corporate recommends customers go to the Sears store where they ordered their pictures and ask the manager for assistance.

They also say customers can call the customer service center at 800-549-4505. We regret any inconvenience this has caused our members and customers.

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