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Secret Santa visits McDonald's

Secret Santa visits McDonald's

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - People are expected to be in a giving mood this holiday season, but a few McDonald's employees never thought the cheer would come their way.

Today was just another day working at McDonald's for department manager Tom Waters, until a customer started asking for names.

"At first I was kinda like, 'OK,what's going on, you know?'" he said.

For some managers, it would be strange when a customer walks in asking for your employees' names -- it usually isn't a good sign. But this time, things were different for employees like Gabi Russell.

"He was like, 'Oh merry Christmas' and handed me an envelope. I opened it up, and it was a hundred dollar bill," said Russell.

Russell said it was a true secret Santa that left her speechless.

"I really didn't know, like, it was a random act of kindness," she said.

An act of kindness that Waters said his employees will treasure.

"They deserve it, you know," he said.

Secret Santa didn't stick around for a thank you, but there were 11 employees on duty, receiving more than $1,000 in total. 

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