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Semi-truck collisions on the rise

Semi-truck collisions on the rise

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - We have seen several deadly semi-truck collisions lately. Last Friday, a driver in Burley was killed on I-84 after he crashed into a pillar supporting an overpass. In early June, a truck driver who police said had little sleep crashed into comedian Tracy Morgan's limo bus. The collision killed Morgan's friend and left the actor injured.

The Idaho State Police said in the summertime more people are on the roads, which leads to more crashes.

"I have been in a wreck where there was a fatality due to inattentive driving," said Julie Fell, truck driver.

There are also other factors like higher speed limits, fewer truck inspections and fatigue.     

"We have to get our rest 8 to 10 hours a day before we get on the road. It is mandatory by law," said Roderick Ross, truck driver.  

"The reason why we are having the rubble strips on the side of the roads. We are seeing a lot of drivers that are leaving their lane of travel that are over correcting," said Lieutenant Chris Weadick.       

Lt.Weadick said staying awake is just one part of the solution.

"To the immediate right, to the left, directly behind or right in front of the semi-truck. Those seem to be the most dangerous areas," he said.   

The dangerous areas are called no-zone areas.

"If we can't see you and we know you're there that puts our focal attention on you and not what is in front of us," said Fell.     
"Motorists don't realize we have 80,000 pounds on our truck so if you're cutting across us we cannot stop," said Ross.
Truck drivers also said they can play a role in accidents too. They said if you're a new truck driver understand your stopping distance and slow down.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said since 2009 the number of deadly large-truck crashes has steadily increased.

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