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Sen. Risch weighs in on Idaho fires

Sen. Risch weighs in on Idaho fires

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Sen. James E. Risch took questions at the Idaho Falls City Club on Friday. He addressed many issues including, nuclear waste management, domestic violence, the recent fires, and health care

He talked about the allegations that he attempted to stop the federal government from deciding on the Affordable Health Care Act.

Risch said that he was not in any way trying to stop the federal government by refusing to sign the bill. Instead, he said, he is putting the power where it should be.

"(The Republican Party) wants to get the government as far away from this thing as we can and let you handle your healthcare in a free market system where there is competition, and where you can make the decisions," he said.

Risch also said the party wants to focus on cost control, adding that Democrats were the only ones to voted for the bill.

He also talked about the Beaver Creek Fire that torched more than 100,000 acres of land.

Risch believes that fuel management is mandatory, especially in a state like Idaho, because it will make management and safety for both residents and firefighters' easier.

"(It's needed) because the fires are getting worse, because we have fuel buildup on the public grounds that need to be removed." he said. "It'll make the firefighters jobs a lot easier, it'll make Idaho a lot safer, and we're working on it."

Risch said firefighters have been doing an amazing job, but they will have to work harder as the fire gets worse. 

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