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Shelley pushes for new library

Shelley pushes for new library

SHELLEY, Idaho - The North Bigham County District Library is pushing for a new building. Come November, this will be the third time people will vote to grant the library a bond for the new facility.

With a seasoned building and outdated technology, the library's director Heidi Riddoch said a new building would be more effective.

"We have envisioned a really up-to-date library that's energy efficient," said Riddoch.

But as a new building comes at the taxpayers expense, many are hesitant to vote in favor of a new facility. They wonder why improvements can't take place in the current building. Bingham County Library supporter Jacqueline Wittwer said the need for a new building comes down to space.

"We have spaces that are so packed and closets that are so full. There's a lot of events that we would love to host that we can't host. We just can't do it," said Wittwer.

The new library bond needs 67 percent of the vote to be approved. If the bond is granted the new facility will be built on land that the library already owns.

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