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Should plastic bags be banned?

Plastic bag ban?

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - California's legislature passed a bill that would make it the first state to ban plastic bags from grocery stores and pharmacies.

If Gov. Jerry Brown signs the bill, will other states follow suit? The Environmental Protection Agency said only 12 percent of plastic bags, sacks and wraps were recycled in 2012.

Kevin Kelsey says he uses his plastic bags over and over.

"We use them for trash bags in the smaller trash cans at home, or to take a lunch out when I leave in the morning," said Kelsey.

Although plastic bags are convenient for humans, it's the problems plastic bags cause for the ocean and aquatic animals that caused so many in California to call for an end to plastic bags.

"I understand why, it helps the planet and stuff," said Spencer Risk, while shopping. "I would definitely find it to be a little bit of an inconvenience though, so I get it, but I don't like it."

Shoppers in California would still have the option to purchase paper bags, but at a cost of no less than 10 cents.

"It's just a little bit of a nuisance to finish your grocery shopping trip, and then have another couple dollars tacked on at the end," said Risk. "Nickle and diming you, just seems a little annoying."

Daniel Bonney already uses reusable bags. He says he'd like Idaho's Legislature to pass a plastic bag ban, because they take so long to break down.

"Constantly adding it to landfills is going to be terrible long term," said Bonney.

At Natural Grocers in Idaho Falls, you won't find any plastic bags. Manager Adam Christensen said only boxes from its freight deliveries are available to shoppers.

"So, there's always a free option or the reusable bags available," said Christensen.

It even pays to BYOB. Every time you use a Natural Grocers bag, 5 cents is donated to the food bank.

"A friendly way to help the environment, a friendly way to kind of help out our neighbors with the donations, and we reuse what we have here," said Christensen. "There's not much waste that comes from the store."

If California's governor signs the bill by the end of the month, plastic bags would be outlawed at grocery stores and drug stores beginning July 1, 2015.

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