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Siren test to sound off in IF

Emergency siren test

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Sirens are going to sound off in Idaho Falls on Wednesday as Bonneville County Emergency Management Services tests the emergency alert system.

The sirens are used in the event of an emergency or disaster, such as a flash flood or chemical spill.

Tom Lenderink, the county's emergency manager, said this tool is strictly for people outdoors and is not the only means to alert the public.

"It's just another tool that we use along with some other ones that are out there to notify people, to let them know that there is something going on that they need to pay attention to." he said.

In an actual emergency, the idea is for people to hear the sirens as a cue to tune into local news media so they can be notified on further emergency action.

The test is set to take place on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

All five of the sirens will sound off at the same time, for at least 20 seconds, near N. Skyline Drive, S. 25th East, Memorial Drive, Ammon Road1, and Glen Koester Lane.

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