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Slower speeds for Highway 43

Slower speeds for highway 43

UCON, Idaho - Beginning tomorrow drivers on highway 43 near Ucon will be forced to slow down.

The speed limit has been 55 mph beginning immediately south of 105th North. The new limit will be 35 mph for a third of a mile. The limit will will then rise to 45 mph, eventually reaching the existing speed limit of 55 mph.

The Idaho Transportation Board approved the change May 15 after a speed study. That study determined that the construction of a number of developments increased the traffic in the area. They also saw an increased crash rate.

Mandy Landon lives on Highway 43 where the change will be made. She said the highway can get extremely chaotic, and hopes the new speed limits will help.

"We get a lot of high-speed traffic coming through here where it goes from 35 to 55," said Landon. "As soon as they get out of the city limits people just gun it and roll through the stop signs."

The Idaho State Police will patrol Highway 43 during the transition. Lt. Chris Weadick said the goal isn't to issue tickets, but to educate.

"A lot of times we'll spend enforcement activities stopping and warning drivers about their violations in hopes of trying to get compliance," said Weadick

The Idaho Transportation Department is asking motorists to watch out for road crews tomorrow as they install the new signs. 

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