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Smoke from brush fires creating a smoky haze

Smoke from brush fires creating a smoky haze

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Brush fires are drifting a bit of a smoky haze over eastern Idaho. The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality said the haze could be from the brush fire near Carey, and fires in Oregon and Canada.

The DEQ said right now it is monitoring our air quality around the clock. It is still in the good category, but if those brush fires continue it could put us into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category. Health officials said that is when you should start to worry about the harmful effects it could have on your health.

Allergy specialists in Idaho Falls said if the haze continues people with respiratory problems like asthma, and emphysema, and also those with chronic heart disease, should monitor their breathing and exposure outside.

One local woman has been struggling with her allergies since 2006. She has had six surgeries and nothing seems to work. She said on days when it's hazy she is in severe pain. She said she suffers from pain across her forehead, in between her eyes and in the back of her head.

"All I can do is just do my sinus rinses and I do get tired because I don't want to go to work, but I have to go to work every day so I have to face the challenges that are out here with the wind blowing and the smoke in the air," said Linda Garcia.

"If they need treatments more often than every two hours than they should seek medical help or see their doctor, or if they take a treatment and don't feel any better at all or if they are getting worse than definitely they need to get better," said allergy specialist David Petty.

Petty said those that have respiratory problems should limit your time outside, stay inside where there is air conditioning or utilize an air purifier. Other factors that contribute to air quality include dust, pollution and vehicles.

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