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Snowmobiler killed in avalanche

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho - The Bonneville County Sheriff's Office says Rex J. Andersen of Arco was killed Thursday afternoon in an avalanche.

According to the sheriff's office, Andersen and some friends were snowmobiling in Neely's Cover near Palisades Peak, which is in a remote part of Bonneville County near Upper Palisades Lake.

 Members of the group say they found a steep slope. Three members of the group had climbed it. Andersen was the fourth when the slope gave way as he neared the top. Andersen tried to outrun the slide, but was overcome and buried.

Andersen was buried for almost 10 minutes before friends with avalanche beacons found and uncovered him.
CPR was started immediately, and Air Idaho Rescue was dispatched. CPR was performed for 20 minutes until it appeared Andersen would not recover.
Once on the ground, the crew with Air Idaho Rescue confirmed Andersen could not be revived.

Andersen was flown to the hospital in Driggs at the request of his family.

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