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Sportsman's Warehouse draws exceptional opening day crowd

Sportsman's Warehouse

POCATELLO, Idaho - For many, eight o'clock on a Saturday morning probably doesn't even exist - unless, of course, you're one out of almost 600 people waiting in line to stock-up on that .22 caliber ammunition.

The Sportsman's Warehouse opened its doors in Pocatello for the first time ever since its previous store located in Chubbuck closed down four years ago.

Store manager Jamie Rietmann said the crowd wrapped all the way around the building, with most of those individuals coming for its new stockpile of ammo.

"It was big, it was really big and I was so surprised," Rietmann said. "We basically wrapped all the way around the building and we had three hundred $20 gift certificates that we handed-out before we even got to the middle of the line."

He explained why many people might believe there is a shortage of .22 caliber ammo.

"Personally, I think there is more being produced now than there ever has been, yet the demand is so high, that when it's there, it's purchased really quickly so it doesn't sit there very long. So, the demand has increased as well as the production," he added.

Customers were limited to one box per household.

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