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State investigates Fremont County assessor

State investigates Fremont County assessor

ST. ANTHONY, Idaho - The Fremont County assessor is being investigated by the Idaho State Tax Commission.

It all started with a complaint filed with the tax commission, which means it has to investigate.

A source with knowledge of that complaint, who did not want to be identified, said it was filed by a former county employee who wasn't happy with the way things were being run.

According to the tax commission, the complaint says assessments in the county were not consistent with market values.

"In its role as overseer of the property tax system statewide, the tax commission is charged with investigating complaints like this," said Liz Rodosovich, a spokeswoman for the tax commission. "We have had tax commission employees in the county going through documents and records, and we should have a final report on the investigation by the end of the month."

Rodosovich said county officials are cooperating with the tax commission in the investigation.

An attorney for Fremont County told the assessor, Kathy Thompson, not to speak publicly on the investigation. County commissioners were also told not to comment.

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