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State troopers crack down on speeding as Thanksgiving travel starts

Local News 8's Luke Jones rides along with a state trooper

State troopers crack down on speeding as Thanksgiving travel

BONNEVILLE CO., Idaho - It's the day before Thanksgiving, and all across eastern Idaho, there's a mad dash to get out of town.

In all the rush, some people are forgetting basic road safety, and Idaho State Police were out in full force today.

Local News 8 tagged along with state Trooper Cpl. Peter Sibus as he pulled over four speeding drivers along Highway 20 near Rigby.

As the driver of a silver Hyundai tears past police at 71 mph, she makes no attempts to slow down.

"Essentially, she's encouraging other people to speed by her actions," Sibus said.

Sibus soon catches up, and let's her off with a warning.

"Sometimes they're not thinking so much about driving. They're thinking about where they've got to be," Sibus said.

While in pursuit of one driver, Sibus reached speeds of more than 100 mph. Once again, Sibus lets the driver off with a warning.

He says drivers are more likely to get off with a warning if they admit to speeding.

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