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Stores start seasonal staffing

Store start seasonal staffing

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Early Christmas songs and Santa hats everywhere may get under some people's skin, but economists say it may be for the greater good of the economy.

To be fully prepared for the holiday season, K-Mart manager Fred Suxo said it's more than just ornaments on the shelves. The store is already hiring Christmas help.

"Training takes a lot of time and we want them to be ready when that season comes," said Suxo.

That's why economist Will Jenson said September through November is a big time for job seekers.

"That's when we usually see the highest time for retail jobs during the year," said Jenson.

Economists said around December the job market takes a dive, but this year may bring about better results.

"A larger percentage of seasonal jobs are turning into full-time permanent positions, or at least part-time permanent positions after the hiring season is over," said Jenson.

The Idaho Falls Department of Labor said it's better for job seekers to get out into the market now. Even if the job is temporary, the skills learned can help workers find permanent employment.

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