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Summer and car break-ins go hand in hand

Summertime and car break-ins go hand in hand

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Idaho Falls Police Department is reminding people to lock their cars at night as the weather heats up.

Sgt. Scott Killian sees plenty of car break-ins throughout the year, but he said they become far more frequent during summer.

"They can be in and out of a car in a matter of seconds and on to the next victim," said Killian.

He said locking your car and keeping your windows closed is a start, but it isn't always enough. Thieves have actually been busting through windows for visible things inside, like iPods and purses.

The Old Mill subdivision in Idaho Falls has had several car break-ins the past few years. One homeowner's Chevy Tahoe was stolen the day before Mother's Day. Her neighbor, Brett Ruff, decided to put up surveillance cameras on his property.

"Prevention is the biggest thing," said Ruff. "I'm able to record eight hours worth on an eight-hour tape, which gets me over the night."

In the same subdivision just three summers ago,a  weed trimmer, sunglasses and books were stolen from homeowner Bethany Waters. She said her car wasn't locked that night.

"We totally felt safe here," said Walters. "We always would leave our cars unlocked."

Walters and her family were relatively lucky, though. Police had the thieves pulled over for an unrelated incident when they discovered a book with her husband's name and phone number inside. All of the stolen objects were then returned to the Walters family.

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