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Summerfest organizers announce big changes

Summerfest organizers announce big changes

REXBURG, Idaho - The Idaho International Summerfest once thrived off retirees, but is now facing some challenges as Rexburg's population skews younger. Organizers are introducing some new events this year in the hopes of appealing to a younger crowd.

The event takes place each year in Rexburg and features performances representative of virtually every culture on the globe.

Organizers say they'll continue their popular art exhibit and introduce some humanitarian projects that they're hoping will cater to socially-conscious college students.

"We took it from something that was great to something that's even greater and wonderful, because it includes so many more people in the community, it appeals to some many more people outside of the community, and it has a way of giving back," said organizer Donna Benfield.

Organizers are also restructuring ticket prices so that larger, younger families will find it more affordable to attend.

Adult tickets are $8, but every two children under the age of 12 is free with that ticket.

Summerfest kicks off July 3 and runs through Aug. 2.

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