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Survey for new high schools delayed in D93

Survey for new high schools delayed in D93

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The proposals for new schools in Bonneville School District 93 may be put off a couple months longer. The district said it needs more time to get the information out to the public.

A few weeks ago, D93 decided on two possible plans for addressing overcrowding in secondary schools. The first would be to build a new high school and a new middle school. The second option would make current middle schools annexes to the high schools. That would require two new middle schools to be built.

They planned on sending out surveys to gather public opinion on the two options. Now, the survey won't be released until mid Sept. The board needs to decide how to communicate approximate prices, locations, and sizes of the possible new schools to the public.

The biggest concern is either plan would raise the tax levy rate. It will with either plan, but it's just a matter of how much.

"We have hit our ceiling. These kids now are going up to secondary and we have to run a quite large bond. it could be between 60-90 million dollars, and it will increase the tax levy," said Dr. Chuck Shackett, superintendent of District 93.

The board also wants to work with student councils and student journalism to gather the opinions of their peers.

The surveys should be out mid-Sept. and the final vote next March. 

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