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Tax day deadline

Tax day deadline

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Today is tax day, the deadline for filing annual income taxes with the IRS. The post office closed at 5 p.m. and the mail was picked up at 6 p.m. at the main office in Idaho Falls.

After months of procrastination, it's crunch time. Dozens of people filled the room at the AARP tax-aid program in Ammon. Volunteers offered their time, giving free tax counseling. Locals are grateful for their service.

"We had a lot of stuff to deal with this year, so it was last minute for us for sure. We usually come in a couple of weeks earlier but they do such a good job here and they're very helpful and kind," said Roberts resident Lanie Berrett.

"It's not the most fun but the people in this place helped me this year and last year. They're really good people," said Kris Skinner.

The IRS said about 90 percent of taxes were done electronically.

Hank Houser of Liberty Tax in Idaho Falls said he's busier this year than last. He says the filing season started eight days later than planned because of last-minute legislation.

"It pushed everybody back two to three weeks starting their taxes and it's been that much more hectic for us later in the year because of that," said Houser.

If you've already filed your taxes, you're one of at least 97 million. Charlene Schow of Idaho Falls said she already has her tax refund in hand.

"If we would have had our choice, we probably would have done it in the middle of January, but we had to wait on W2s. We got our federal and state refund over the weekend," she said.

The IRS said the average refund is $2,755, down about $40 from last year. Houser said 90 percent of refunds will be issued in about 21 days.

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