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TedxAmmon event brings community together

The TedxAmmon event big event

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The TedxAmmon event was held tonight at Eastern Idaho Technical College. It's the local version of the very popular national Ted Talks conference.

A dinner break between speakers has members of the community sharing ideas over sandwiches.

"It's really captivating to see these things are coming from people right here around us," said Brad Chistensen, the organizer of the event.

Tonight's event featured 13 speakers, topics included "Creating Yourself As A Brand," "The Importance Of Failure" and "The Value Of Cheap Energy."

Only 100 people were allowed to attend this first TedxAmmon event.

Ted Talks are all about sharing ideas, so these 100 people were selected based on how much reach they'll have to share what they heard here.

"What's great is that the community is getting together from all walks of life. You've got business professionals here, you've got students here, you've got stay at home moms, you've got everyone from the community here to learn and share new ideas," said Michelle Dingman, the CEO at Artcore Visual Studio.

"I'll probably just correlate them through social media or through my classes. I'm a debater as well so I do a lot of speech events so I'll probably integrate them into my topics," said high school student Kyle New.

"It's a very fascinating cultural experience that I wouldn't miss," said high school student Jackson Barber.

Christensen said Friday's event was a huge success and they hope to host another local TedxAmmon event this year.

Fridays event was live streamed and will be produced into individual speaker videos. Those will be posted on the TedxAmmon website in a couple weeks.

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