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Teton County builds public housing in anticipation of summer workers

Teton County builds public housing in anticipation of summer

JACKSON, Wyo. - As summer nears, Teton County, Wyo., expects to see an influx of workers working seasonal tourism-centered jobs. But housing officials say many of them will have a tough time finding a place to live.

"The jobs and the pay seems high in comparison, until people start looking at the housing costs. Then they see why the wages are higher," said Christine Walker, with the Teton County Housing Authority.

The county responded by building about 900 affordable housing units. This summer, they plan to break ground on their largest public housing project yet, which will contain 68 units.

To pay for this housing, the county has raised the fees it charges new developments. Many businesses, however, are simply choosing to avoid the fee by providing their own onsite employee housing.

"They recognize the value of having housing for their employees. So if they build it onsite, they have direct access to those housing unit," said Walker.

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