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"The New Drug: Pornography" schools educate families about pornography addiction

Schools educate students on pornography addiction

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - It's something easily accessible nowadays, anyone can turn to their computer, smart phone, or televison: pornography.

Which is why many local schools are working to education students on what's being called "the new drug".

"The effort here is to not get into any kind of inappropriate content but to stick with the facts and stick with the dangers of pornography that's become so accessible to everyone including our teenagers," said Bob Devine, principal of Idaho Falls High School. 

Idaho Falls High School is hosting a presentation for parents Monday, Oct. 5th at the Civic Auditorium, students will receive a presentation on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m.

The presentation focuses on the dangers of pornography, the cause comparing pornography addiction to street drug addictions such as meth and cocaine.

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