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The warning signs of teen drug use

The warning signs of teen drug use

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Bonneville Youth Development Council hosted a parental drug education program Monday night at the Compass Academy in Idaho Falls.

The program teaches parents about current drug and alcohol trends among teens, pointing out signs to watch out for. Coordinator Alisha Passey said certain behaviors can point to drug use.

"Grades suddenly change, loss of old friends and gaining new friends," said Passey. "Sometimes they're really irritable."

The program focuses primarily on gateway drugs.

"We talk a lot about alcohol, underage drinking, marijuana usage and prescription drug abuse," said Passey.

Passey said teens often blow marijuana smoke through dryer sheets stuffed into empty toilet paper rolls to prevent an overwhelming scent. She also shows parents the multiple ways teens hide their drugs, like in makeshift soda cans and water bottles.

The students involved in the BYDC even point out new trends among their peers.

"They don't want substance abuse in their community," said Passey. "They see what that does to their friends and relatives, and they just want a safe community to grow up in."

Passey said even if your kid isn't doing drugs, the presentation can still be valuable.

"It may not be their kid, but it may be somebody their kid knows," said Passey. "Nine times out of 10 it probably is somebody that they know."

If you'd like to schedule a presentation, you can call the BYDC at 528-0153.

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