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Theresa Bunker Students: Great Neighbors

Theresa Bunker Students: Great Neighbors

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Twas the week before Christmas and all through the school.
Theresa Bunker grade school kids were doing something cool.

"This is a canned food drive and it goes to people who don't have very much food for Christmas so they can go to sleep full and have a good Christmas dinner," Sam Jardine said.

The boxes were stacked in the hallway with care.
Students worked hard to fill them, like this lovely pair.

"To get food for people who don't have food for Christmas, so they can have a good Christmas," two students told us.

Grade one through grade six in the month of December
Brought in cans of food ... needy families to remember.

"It makes me feel really good because even if you only bring one can it's still helping somebody that doesn't have food for Christmas," Kyra Musingi said.

Doing this good deed their spirits were buoyed.
One little boy said:

"I feel overjoyed."

900 food items were pack up on this day.
These student council members felt great
And had this to say:

"I enjoy that we get to be one of the schools to help those have a nice Christmas and gather up food."
"I feel really good because if each student takes one or two cans then that's like three, four, five-hundred cans," Max Medema said.

And still one last message from these students so dear.
They each want to wish you a

" Happy New Year."

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