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Trevor Kauer: Distinguished Student

Trevor Kauer: Distinguished Student

LEADORE, Idaho - "A great leader and motivator who deserves to be recognized," is how the teacher who nominated this week's United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winner describes him. Leadore High School senior, Trevor Kauer, gets the award.

Trevor recently starred again in the high school play. He took a drama class several years ago and was hooked on performing.

"I like drama because I get to be someone else - not that I don't like being who I am, but just because it's fun to act crazy," Trevor said.

Besides drama, another big passion of Trevor's is 4-H. He loves everything about it. That's why he intends to major in a field called Agricultural Life Sciences, Communication and Leadership at the University of Idaho. That will lead him to his goal to be an extension educator and work in a 4-H office.

"It's my dream job because I get to work with kids," Revor said. "I like to have the opportunity to shape the next generation, I want to have a hand in what they want to do. 4-H taught me I want to become an extension educator and work in a 4-H office."

Trevor is very involved in school. His titles have included student body president, BPA club president, and basketball captain. In a small high school with a graduating class of just ten students, Trevor has had lots of opportunities for involvement, and he has near perfect grades.

"It's definitely not like any other high school," Trevor said. "Failing is not an option. It's pretty much a requirement here to do your homework, and if you don't do your homework the teacher will find out, because it's very much a one on one technique here that the teachers have, and so I love it being in Leadore school."

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