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Two men bike coast to coast for cancer

Two men bike coast to coast for cancer

SWAN VALLEY, Idaho - Two men are riding their bikes on a cross-country journey for cancer. Today they made their way through Eastern Idaho.

Michael Tabtabai lost his father a year and a half ago. Andrew Hudon, his biking mate, has a mother who battled cancer. They decided to take their pedals to the pavement for cancer research.

"We believe in this so deeply," said Tabtabai. "It just pushes you further."

The duo is biking 3,450 miles from Seaside, Ore., to Plymouth, Mass., for the pair's initiative -- Leave It On The Road.

"The idea is to take all of the negative experiences we've had with cancer, and make one positive experience and leave it all on the road," said Hudon.

Their goal is to raise $52,000 for colon cancer research.

"I think we're over $23,000," said Hudon. "It's being raised for the Colon Cancer Alliance and The Colon Club, the two charities we're partnering with."

Today they left Idaho Falls for Jackson, Wyo. In the past six days they have average 145 miles per day. Their friend Tim Ebner keeps up with them in a van to haul their belongings and make arrangements.

"We'll set up checkpoints every 30 miles, every 40 miles or so," said Ebner. "They can stock up on water, get a breather and eat some food."

Hudon said eating healthy is crucial when you're on a bicycle over 10 hours a day.

"It's a huge part of it to make sure you have the right nutrients to get your body recovered and ready to go again," said Hudon.

But the physical toll is no match for their passion toward the cause. They said nothing will hold them back from pedaling into Plymouth on July 10.

"We'll be there on that day," said Tabtabai. "No matter what happens."

If you would like to follow their journey, visit their website

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