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Tyler Lewis: Distinguished Student of the Week

Distinguished Student of the Week


Tyler Lewis spent Wednesday evening at Idaho Falls High School rehearsing with the choir.

"I've made so many friends," said Tyler. "We go out there, we just improve every day and we just have fun every day."

But Tyler is much more than a choir boy. The senior is involved across the board, from tough Advanced Placement classes to lettering in cross country, track and wrestling. Plus, he's a part of the Spanish Club, Honor Society and on student government.

"It gives me the opportunity to plan activities for people and get people involved," said Tyler. 

He said that is the key to his success.

"Everyone goes through rough school days," said Tyler. "But if you get involved there's something to look forward to. It helps you get through the day."

He also has a great support system.

"I've got wonderful parents that push me," said Tyler. "I have siblings that set a good example. And my friends are all involved in a lot of the same things."

Tyler has big plans for the future. He's already been accepted to college, but first, he's heading on a mission this summer.

"Then I want to come back, get a job, go to college and get married," said Tyler.

Judging by how successful he's been so far, those next steps won't be a problem. 

Tyler Lewis: United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student of the Week.

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