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Upper Valley celebrates Thanksgiving with free concert, dinner

Upper Valley celebrates Thanksgiving with free concert, dinn

ST. ANTHONY, Idaho - The sound of violins, organs, and a choir scores-strong reverberated through the Rexburg Stake Tabernacle this morning as part of the Thanksgiving Day Community Concert.

Over in St. Anthony, folks got busy serving Thanksgiving dinner to over 400 needy people.

Rachel Hill came with her family, and says she's thankful for all the people who came to volunteer.

"That they would take that time out of their day and their Thanksgiving to help others, that's—I thought that really shows a lot," Hill said.

St. Anthony Lions Club volunteers were only too happy to help.

"I talked to people that have come in and they've told me stories that I have not forgotten. There are some stories that are very sad," said volunteer Brooke Avery.

And with each story, gratitude--and hope.

"They came in and they were just so happy that they could get Thanksgiving dinner, because usually, they don't eat that," Avery said.

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