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Viewer responds: Idaho Falls park will get new life

Viewer responds: Idaho Falls park will get new life

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - On Sunday, there was new hope for the Idaho Falls Equal Access Playground near Tautphaus Park.
Last week, our station reported a story about the deteriorating conditions at the only area playground for kids of all physical abilities.
A local group is stepping up to restore the park to its former glory.

"This park has access for kids of all disabilities and abilities, to us that's really important," said Idaho Falls mom Reva Nickelson.

When Nicholson heard about the conditions at the Idaho Falls Equal Access Playground, she didn't waste any time.

"I came to look after hearing your article and, you know, there were 100 to 200 kids here playing with their families," she said.

Nickelson said the kids deserve better: better than a cracked slide, better than full support swings with no latches.

"We decided that we need to do something about it," said Nickelson.
Nickelson is chairwoman of the Idaho National Lab's Inclusion and Diversity Committee, and the park holds a special place in her heart.
"We're forming a 'Team INL.' We're going to write some grants to get some money to replace the slide, and to paint over the vandalism that has occurred here," said Nickelson "And then we have the labor to install, and clean up the park."
Her team is growing fast, but she's looking for more.

"They have some music pieces over here, the pieces to hit the music have been vandalized, and they're missing. So, I'm hoping a music store or a high school group will want to come out and help us," said Nickelson.  

"Us" is the key word, said Nickelson. She wants to encourage the community to get out in the sun and help.

"I love Idaho Falls. I want to give back," said Nickelson.

Nickelson doesn't have a date for a cleanup day quite yet, but she's going to get in touch with our station when she gets grant money squared away for a slide and other replacement toys for the park.

If you'd like to get together with the volunteer team, you can send an email with your information to  

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