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Walmart Superstore could be coming to Rexburg

WalMart Superstore planned for Rexburg

REXBURG, Idaho - A Walmart Superstore could be coming to Rexburg, pending city council approval. A Walmart is already located on North Second East, but the company wants to relocate it more than a mile down the road at North Second East and East Moody Road.

The company wants to turn it into a superstore that has more services like groceries, a car center, pharmacy and electronics. It would be about 40 acres in size.

Donna Benfield is the executive director of the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce. She said location is key.

"It is close to the north exit because if you look at the people that live in the Victor and Driggs area the majority probably shop in Idaho Falls," she said.

"The big box stores in Idaho Falls are the ones that take away from Rexburg. If we could have two anchor stores in Rexburg people are going to stay here," she said.    

The store is expected to hire about 100 people, but even though it can bring jobs there are downfalls. For example, keeping local shops afloat.

"We will just try to do the best we can. Try to keep our current customers... a lot of our customers are loyal friends and we'll just try to keep them happy," said Price Davenport, owner of El-Genes.

Davenport owns an electronic store and separates himself from the big box stores.

"The fact that we can service what we're selling and take care of people," he said.

Grocery chains in the area will also have to separate themselves. One thing Broulims has going for it is the students.

"Location also matters. Brolims is closer to where the college students live," said student Alexandria Christensen.    

Other locals care about prices.

"More places to shop, better prices, so I am excited for it to come," said resident Amanda Harris.

"I think it will be good because nobody will have to drive all the way to Idaho Falls," said resident Bobbi Jo Robertson.  

Planning and Zoning will have to approve Walmart's application by mid-December.
The last step will be for the city council to approve the project. They should have the  answer by Jan. 8. If approved, the store will open in 2016.

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