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Weekend event helps raise money for Pocatello Zoo upgrades

Event helps raise money for Pocatello Zoo upgrades

POCATELLO, Idaho - The Pocatello Zoo is another step closer toward its plans for expanding and upgrading its facility.

Nearly 300 community members herded their way into into the Fort Hall Replica Amphitheater this weekend for the tenth annual "A Midsummer's Night for the Zoo" fundraiser. 

Zoo director Scott Ransom said the money earned for this event has been a tremendous help to the zoo in the past, raising nearly $25,000 each year. 

"We are going to get a new entryway, restrooms, and the amenities our zoo visitors need to add a professional look to a professional zoo," Ransom said.

The plan is to nix the two portable toilets standing at the zoo's entrance and build a brand new restroom facility instead. 

"We will be interviewing architects next week, we will start construction probably in this fall or winter, and then hopefully next year we will be able to blow-up two Porta-Potties."

Ransom also said the zoo will be adding-in a new snack bar and gift shop as well.

This past year, the money raised at this event went toward installing the grizzly bar exhibit. Now, talks are underway to possibly expand the zoo, adding new exhibits into the area where the current amphitheater stands in the lower Ross Park area.

Ransom said the overall cost of the project will add-up to around $700,000 and the Pocatello City Council already contributed $150,000 to match the equivalent amount the Zoo Society donated, along with the $100,000 from the Pocatello Railroad Federal Credit Union.


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