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Winter light show tradition brings holiday spirit early this year

chubbuck christmas lights

CHUBBUCK, Idaho - Christmas is still a month away, but the holiday is coming early for one local house notorious for its extravagant light show.

Brad Winters has been putting up an abundance of Christmas lights since he was nearly eight years old.

With almost 40,000 lights strung along the Winters' Chubbuck home on Sawtooth Street, it's like Christmas on steroids that could be seen all the way from Philbin Road.

"All the lights and everything are choreographed through a software program to music," Winters said. "I have it set up where if you drive by and turn your car radio to a specific station, you can hear the music and watch the show from inside your car so you don't be cold and it won't disturb the neighbors as much."

Winters' father Ron said his son's inspiration to spread the holiday cheer started as far back as he could remember.

"He just loves these lights and this is his life. He can't wait for it to get here. He wanted to start (decorating) two months ago," Ron laughed.

But for Winters, this is not just about the lights and music.

All of the donations he receives will go straight to the Idaho Food Bank.

The show will being playing on Thanksgiving night and will run through the week of New Year's Day.

Winters updates his Facebook page dedicated to the show here:

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