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Woman fights to keep chickens in Shelley

SHELLEY, Idaho - Some Shelley residents are hoping to change a city ordinance to allow them to keep their chicken coops.

One resident, Aimee Goc, told Local News 8 that she has been fighting for three years to keep her chickens in her backyard.

According to City Clerk Sandy Gaydusek, Goc does not live in residential agriculture zoning, as previously reported. The City of Shelley allows for up to 25 fowl – which include chickens – for those residents.

Those lots are generally 1 acre or larger, she said. Gaydusek said Goc lives in a single-family residential home, where chickens are not allowed.

Gaydusek said the city has received several complaints regarding Goc's chicken coop, as well as complaints about her neighbors, who also have illegal chickens.

Goc said there is no reason why her hens shouldn't be allowed in her backyard. She said she plans to address the matter at the City Council meeting Tuesday at 7 p.m.

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