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You can weigh in on proposed ed standards

BOISE, Idaho - Now is your chance to comment on proposed state-wide education rule changes.

The state Board of Education is looking at six new requirements, which were proposed by Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna in a board meeting in August. The changes will go back to the board for final approval in November.

One of the changes would require elementary students to learn cursive writing. This rule was originally pitched by Rep. Linden Bateman of Idaho Falls this year.

Another proposal deals with physical education and math and science courses. Right now, physical education is required in elementary and middle grades, but there are no time requirements.

The rule change would make minimum time requirements. It would also make high school students take two credits of P.E. as a graduation requirement. This proposal would also give students more flexibility in their math and science class choices.

Two other proposals affect teachers and teacher education programs. They look at endorsement changes and standards.

Here is a list and description of all the rule changes:
Comment on each proposal here:

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