Kolten Williams

Distinguished Student

Kolton Williams - Distinguished Students


Each year local high school students work hard in the potato fields helping with the harvest. Kolten Williams was one of them this year. It's that work ethic and good grades that helped him win this week's United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award.

"Probably one of the favorite jobs I've had," Kolten said. "The hard work is okay, but I just like being around my co-workers - they're great guys, we have a lot of fun."

Now that all the potatoes are picked, Kolton gets to drive the tractor to disc the field.

"One of my favorite things to do - always dreamed of doing this," Kolten said.

Potato harvest work isn't easy. The days are long and it can be tiring labor, but Kolten doesn't mind.

"When you work hard, for me, I get a good sense of satisfaction," Kolten said. "I feel like I've done something - I've accomplished something and it makes me feel good."

Kolten puts the same kind of effort into his school work as he does in the harvest. He's rewarded with with a 4.0 GPA.

"One thing is college scholarships - I always want to do good for that," Kolten said. "But then, just me being satisfied - gotta go for the best, can't settle for less."

Kolten is also invovled in FFA and swing choir. He's having a great time in high school and has this advice for other students.

"Reach out and do new things - that's one thing I wish I had done earlier - get involved, try new things, because if you try them you'll probably like them," Kolten said. "Most things you do turn out pretty good."

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