Local elementary school is going high-tech

Local elementary school is going high-tech

Pocatello, Idaho -

Local school kids are getting hands-on with technology  in their classroom, all thanks to some ambitious educators.

Teachers at Lewis and Clark Elementary School are going above and beyond integrating high tech gadgets into their lesson plan,  to keep learning fun for students 

Amanda Williams, while not a native Idahoan, certainly has Idaho's children in mind.

"I started in Nebraska, and Idaho is just like another home for me," said Williams, a second-grade teacher.  "I love it here."

Which could explain how six iPads made their way into her classroom at Lewis and Clark this school year.  This move has received a lot of positive feedback.

"In this little class now they've had theirs for a couple of months, and parents are even talking about it," said Evelyn Robinson, Principal at Lewis and Clark.  "Like the activity they did (Friday); they'll go home and that will be shared that with their parents."

Williams originally wrote a grant to get a computer program for reading in her classroom.  Instead, the school district incorporated that program into all classrooms and had her rewrite the grant.

"We've got teachers here that are really showing some initiative. She was one that's been really interested in technology," Robinson said, "And so she really started to seek out some sources. And of course I certainly supported her in that process to do that grant."

On Friday, Williams' second-graders made group videos.  They will use these videos to teach their classmates about different subjects.  Friday, the subject was prefixes.

"Idaho obviously is really pushing for technology," Williams said, "and that was a way that I could see that could be really hands-on for kids to use in their projects."

Williams said in her four years teaching at Lewis and Clark, the group of students this year is really keeping her on her toes.

"They're always stretching me a little bit, asking more questions," Williams said. "It's just that higher level learning. It's just a really great group that way."

Williams said she is glad for the opportunity these students have to use these devices. 

"I'm really excited because it's allowing for us to really teach in depth, to what the kids really need to know, and help them grow," Williams said.

Robinson said she is looking to incorporate iPads into all classrooms, specifically to give kids a chance to experience things their families may not have at home.  She said a large number of the students' families live in a poverty or low-income level.

She also pointed out that using this technology in the classroom compliments what the teacher is already doing.

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