Local gunshop owner makes TV debut

Rexburg man stars in National Geographic show

REXBURG, Idaho - Gun shop owner Adrian Alford has been selected to co-host a new National Geographic show called "Lords of War" that premiered Wednesday. And we have all the details on how he was chosen for the show.

"There's something about guns that draws me in," said Adrian Alford, the co-owner of Expedition Firearms.

"I got started when my dad starting taking me shooting when I was a kid. And from there it's just been lifelong, not really obsession, just really interested in guns," said Alford.

Alford may be humble, but his interest for guns is known far beyond the city of Rexburg, where his gun shop is located. Big-time Hollywood stars -- like Sean Rich, an antique firearms celebrity who's appeared on the hit show "Pawn Stars," looks to Alford for guidance.

"I've always kind of helped him appraising and evaluating modern firearms," said Alford.

With this connection and strong background of modern firearms, guns dating back from 1899 to the present day, Alford was quickly approached by executive producer Chris Bray to audition for National Geographic's new show "Lords of War."

"If you like 'Antique Roadshow' kind of mixed with 'Pawn Stars,' then you'll like it," said Alford.

And out of 500 experts in military weapons who were interviewed, Alford was one of four chosen as a "lord" of their expertise.

During the show, Alford helps gun owners appraise some of the most unique, historical guns in the country.

"We don't know if it's real of not, if it's been refinished or not and that's the excitement. Oh, this could be something fantastic," said Alford.

And seeing the history behind each piece of military equipment tells a story.

"We got to see a Norden bomb site from the B-29 that used to bomb Germany during World War II," said Alford. "If you like the history and the uniqueness behind military and history items, then you'll love the show".

"Lord of Wars" aired Wednesday on the National Geographic channel. There are sixteen episodes, with two airing back to back every Wednesday at 7 p.m..  

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