Locals satisfied with debate

Locals satisfied with debate

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A lot of eastern Idahoans were excited to tune into the debate.

Last night we introduced you to three voters from across the political spectrum who were looking for President Obama and Mitt Romney to clearly outline their platforms.

We wanted to know if the candidates lived up to those expectations on this exciting and greatly anticipated night.

Democrat Jim Frances, Republican Jeff Townsend and independent Jen Ramsey watched the hour-and-a-half debate together on the edge of their seats.

These voters were very to happy to see the candidates focus on issues without the personal attacks they saw earlier in the election season.

The general consensus seemed to be that Romney came out much stronger than expected.

"Romney came to this debate and showed himself to be someone different than the primary campaigner Romney," said Frances.

Ramsey is still leaning toward Obama, while Townsend said Romney is the clear debate winner.

"I was glad to see the more human side of Romney," said Ramsey.

"I do think there was good give and take on both sides. Something that I wanted to see from Mitt Romney that he provided was specificity," said Townsend.

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