Lori Davis

Distinguished Student

Lori Davis - Distinguished Student

BINGHAM COUNTY, Idaho - Local News 8 has done lots of United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award reports over the years, featuring students doing a variety of activities. But this week is a first. Shelley High School Senior Lori Davis has a special talent - she raises and shows goats. Her family has 60 of them.

"We show them, take them to sales and show them some more," Lori says.

They all look pretty much the same to the untrained eye, but Lori knows each of her goats by name.

Raising goats is a fun hobby for Lori, but it also teaches her some important lessons that will help her throughout her life.

"Responsibility, like feeding them, caring for them and things like that," Lori said.

Lori has also learned the rewards of hard work.

"I had to stack all of this with the help of one other person - this is about 16 ton," Lori said.

Goats aren't Lori's entire life. At school she's involved in many  activities.

"National Honor Society and Ag issues, and Agronomy, and for my senior project I'm actually directing the fall melodrama." Lori said.

Lori thinks it's important for high school students to be well rounded.

"Get involve and not in just one thing like sports or not just FFA or not just drama - get involved in a whole lot of things," Lori suggested.

Lori works hard at everything she's involved in, including academics. She has a near perfect GPA.

"I like the idea of a high GPA," Lori said.

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