Madison County youth takes original approach to bully prevention

Madison students take original approach to bullying prevention

REXBURG, Idaho - An eastern Idaho school district is working to lead the nationwide fight against bullying.

It all started with a Youtube video, as kids in madison county showing the world they're "100% original."

"We spend a lot of time labeling each other in negative ways," said Janet Goodliffe, who coordinated the "100% Original" anti-bullying campaign. "What we want the students to do is realize that negative labels are not good for anyone."

As schools across the nation struggle to expel the notion of bullying, Madison Junior High 7th graders Brigham Taylor and Miles Brown can say torment does not run rampant in their hallways, but they both know that doesn't mean other kids should be suffering.

"Kids [shouldn't] stay home from school every day," Taylor said.

"[It] makes me feel happy that I can stop bullying," Brown said.

The Madison Cares youth group is using bright t-shirts, bold posters and red wrist bands, challenging themselves and their peers to embrace what makes everyone an original.

"Make a new friend.  Be nice online," Goodliffe urged students.  "Even if it's a small issue, we need to address it as best we can."

The challenge week culminates with a walk in Rexburg's Smith Park this Friday, Dec. 3 at 4 p.m.  Anyone can attend.

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