Main Street Buzz: Bob's Cafe

Main Street Buzz: Bob's Cafe

REXBURG, Idaho - It's common to change your plans because of the weather, but your career path? That's exactly what happened to one Rexburg man, in this week's Main Street Buzz.

Bob Carlson was a ski instructor at Kelly Canyon, but with a mild winter, he had to look elsewhere to make a living. Bob owns the building at 12 West Main Street in Rexburg. With a push from his sons and son-in-law, who have restaurant experience, he decided to open up Bob's Café. Bob takes pride in cooking the very best for his customers. Food ranges from homemade biscuits to homemade fries and everything else in between.

Bob wants everyone to feel welcome at his restaurant, and will always stop to say hello to any customer that walks through the door.

"He just comes and talks to you when he can and asks you like how the food is and like how he did. he just talks to you like he's your grandpa or something." said Krissy Allan, a customer at Bob's Café.

Bob says he is always happy to meet new customers. Bob's Café is open Monday through Saturday from 7am to 3pm

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