Major road construction set to begin in Jackson

Major road construction set to begin in Jackson

JACKSON, Wyoming -  A major road reconstruction is underway in Jackson, WY.

The West Broadway project is one of the biggest byway facelifts the mountain town has ever seen.
As crews begin to mobilize equipment, Jackson commuters may start to feel a congestion headache coming on.

"There's really only one way to travel from point A to point B," said Bill Hammond, resident engineer for the Wyoming Department of Transportation's Jackson office.
Whether you drive it daily, or you're just passing through, said Hammond, one thing is always clear:
"Everybody travels on this road," he said.

Jackson's West Broadway is like a spinal cord through the bustling tourist town.

In just a week, the roadway is getting a major facelift.

"We're starting on Monday with actual traffic control," said Hammond.

Hammond said the "Jackson Streets Project" will add bike lanes, turn lanes and concrete pavement to the vital stretch of road. But driver beware: there will be delays.

"Really the only way to keep traffic moving on such a busy road is to eliminate the left hand turns," said Hammond.

Probably the biggest inconvenience for Jackson drivers during construction will be the closure of the middle lane, which means drivers won't be able to make left hand turns during construction.
Even so, if drivers give themselves a little extra time to plan ahead, they can still get to any business in Jackson.

"We put a lot of thought into how to keep traffic moving through this project while we're under construction," said Hammond.
Construction on the project will happen in two phases.

"Phase one of this project will go from now until June 30," said Hammond.

With a break for Jackson's peak tourism season.

"We have our summer break from June 30 to August 21, and then we'll start on the second phase of the project," said Hammond.

There is a helpful website to keep up with construction progress, including updates on construction phases, current news, and a work calendar.  

The address is

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