Makayla Cunningham: Distinguished Student

Makayla Cunningham: Distinguished Student

Hillcrest High School senior, Makayla Cunningham wins the United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award for this week. Makayla is a horse lover.

"My favorite thing to do is be with my horses," Makayla says. " I love riding, and caring for them and working with the horses. Anything to do with horses is fun. There's this quote I really like - the horse is a mirror to your soul and I think that is so true because with my Mustang, Coco, he is crazy, stubborn, but so sweet - he just wants to please everyone. I think I'm kind of like that."

While she spends a good deal of time with her horses, Makayla finds time to do her school work. She knows she needs good grades to be a vet so she tries hard.

"If you don't apply yourself now, when are you ever going to apply yourself,? Makayla asks. "I think you need to get good grades and stay in school because if you want a bright future you're gonna want to have a good job."

Makayla thinks it's good for young people to be involved in outside activities like working with horses.

"I think a lot of people are into texting and phones and TV and it's important to get outside and use your imagination and have fun and horses can help you do that," Makayla says.

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